Healing: guiding the process of restoring the balance

Am I the only one who sees through this? I see them more than before in my coaching practice. Peolpe who ask me ‘Am I the only one who sees through this?’ No, they’re not, eventhough they feel different and often alone. 

They have the ability a lot of others don’t have. They can see through patterns or at least they see or feel that there is something fundamentally wrong about the mutually relations in freindships, at work or society. Unaware of their own power those man and women absorb the dynamics from other people and they start to endure them. Totally unnecessary! Sometime, years ago, I was that person. I doubted my own abitlity to see what was going on. I was a ‘wounded healer’ as Carl Jung would describe. But whenever you start to trust your inner wisdom, you can start helping others in their process to learn to trust their intuïtion.

“The heart of the wise, like mirror, should reflect all objects without being sullied by any”. (Confucius).

In indeginous cultures healers serve as mirrors, like Confucius describes. Mirrors are not to watch yourselves in, but to mirror what is. They make whole what is broken bij clearing the energy and by bouncing everyones shadows. They bring you back to the cause. Back to the roots. Back to the source. Because they know that there you’ll find the solotion for your existential questions. In indeginous cultures healers have a lot of respect and prestige, because they feature -reportedly- magical powers to stop counterpowers or they transform them.

A healersjob

Healers start the process of restoring the balance and recovery of the selfhealing ability of people and organizations. They do that by mirroring behaviour and point out patterns. Healers don’t fix, but they restore the alliance with the cause; the higher goal of the organization. They don’t cure, but they restore the order and harmony. That gives space for solutions by releasing individual and organizational trauma and pain. For leaders who work with healers, there is a different job. Healers bring awareness, leaders choose what to do with it, like let go of everything that is not alligned to the cause in a respectful way. That gives more space for everything that ís connected to the higher goal. Leaders can create the conditions to bring their team in a flow like a swarm of birds.

Characteristiscs of healers

Healers have a few important characteristics, that distinguishes them from most people. They never wave with the wind that others created. They’ll always question the going concern and they will denounce the establishment if they feel something isn’t right. They can’t keep their wisdom to them selves when you aks them to give their point of view. They are pretty predictable because they act from universal principals like truthfulness, equality and love for the greater good.

The respect and prestige healers get in indeginous cultures, is lagging behind in western society. Healers can be a pain in the ass for the establishment and they can be threatening for people who have something to hide, like their insecurities or secrets that they keep. In our culture a lot of money is spend on tools and methods that -in my belief- pass by the essence of the problem and the cause of the organization. Healing is a process that can only be undergone from the inside out, not with tools or methods that are inflicted on them. That inner process is necessary to transform rusted and impaired organizations into lively and resiliant ones.

Healers can only contribute constructively to wholeness when they’ve seen and transformed their own patterns, entanglements and sabotagemechanisms in the eye. When wounded healers convert their soul- and familyentanglemets (karma) into wholeness, they can start to grow beyond their own and everyones expectations (dharma) and be a healing force for others. Healers can be leaders or  all kinds of professionals, old and very young. All are people that bring balance, when there is none or false security.

After interviews with a lot of my clients it turns out that when  they (mostly healers themselves) become aware of their powers and ability, they start to get confident about trusting their instincts. When they feel rooted within themselves they are better able to take in their own place aswell in their family, job or society. From that moment on they can start restoring the selfhealing ability of others, individually and collectively. They’ll expel sickness, weakness and old pains from the past by widening consciousness, defining borders and break through patterns and systemerrors.

“A healer does not heal you.

A healer is someone who holds space for you while you awaken your inner healer, so you may heal yourself” (Maryam Hasnaa).

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